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  • ‘The Man’ is here! Stan Musial tours Busch Stadium before Game 4 (Video)

    ST. LOUIS — He has Alzheimer's disease and turns 92 years old in a month, so he doesn't always appear at his best, but Hall of Fame slugger Stan Musial looked pretty darned good Thursday night at Busch Stadium. Spry, … Continue reading →

  • Owner Pat Bowlen selected for Broncos ring of fame

    The easy part was selecting team owner Pat Bowlen for the Denver Broncos' ring of fame. Team president and CEO Joe Ellis drove over to see Bowlen, who stepped down from his daily duties last summer as he battled Alzheimer's. He said he knew exactly how Bowlen would react when informed he'd been chosen as the 28th member of the ring of fame, which Bowlen created in 1984 to salute former players ...

  • John Elway cries talking about Broncos owner Pat Bowlen

    On Wednesday, the Broncos announced that Pat Bowlen, their owner for 30 years, is suffering from Alzheimers disease. He has stepped down completely from any responsibility running the team. The sadness at the Broncos' facility, as players reported for training camp, was palpable. Nobody in the organization was hit harder by the news than John Elway.

  • A California judge rules in Shelly Sterling's favor, clearing the way for the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers

    Donald Sterling's attempt to sue himself, shockingly, did not go well.

  • P.K. Subban drinks beer from Stanley Cup with Seth Rogen (Video)

    Not only did Rogen have Youppi, the beloved Montreal Expos mascot, come on stage with a wheelbarrow of Timbits, but he had the Stanley Cup on stage (right-side-up, Def Leppard) and vowed to fulfill a bucket list moment by drinking beer out of it.Enter P.K. Subban with two pitchers of brew.

  • John Elway: It will never be the same for Denver Broncos without Pat Bowlen

    Broncos General Manager John Elway worked for Pat Bowlen for his entire playing career and he returned to the Broncos fold as an executive several years ago, which made Bowlen’s decision to step down as owner on Wednesday because he has Alzheimers Disease an emotional one for the team’s General Manager.

  • Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen steps down amid fight with Alzheimer's

    Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is ceding control of the team, his wife confirmed in a statement to the Denver Post, as she confirmed some much-rumored health problems that he has suffered from the past few years.

  • Report: Donald Sterling has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease

    The embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner is currently warring with his estranged wife, the NBA.

  • Donald Sterling vows to never sell the Los Angeles Clippers, calls his wife a 'pig' in court

    The usual, from the current Los Angeles Clippers owner.

  • Wednesday's Sports In Brief

    Barry Bonds has been cleared legally after 11 1/2 years in court. A federal court of appeals threw out the career home run leader's obstruction of justice conviction, ruling 10-1 that his meandering answer before a grand jury in 2003 was not material to the government's investigation into illegal steroids distribution. NFL PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A federal judge has approved a settlement agreement ...