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Shawnee (N.J.) High senior basketball star Josh Borrelli is often the “MVP” of his team’s victories. He scores 20 or...

Tanning dependence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tanning dependence is a rare syndrome where an individual appears to have ... Neither tanning dependence nor tanorexia are covered under the latest edition of the ...

Tanorexia | definition of Tanorexia by Medical dictionary

Looking for online definition of Tanorexia in the Medical Dictionary? Tanorexia explanation free. What is Tanorexia? Meaning of Tanorexia medical term.

Tanorexia | Definition of Tanorexia by Merriam-Webster

Define tanorexia: a compulsive need or desire to have and maintain a very dark tan beyond what is typically considered normal—tanorexia in a sentence.

Does Your Teen Have a Tanning Addiction or Tanorexia - Verywell

Tanorexia is a slang term for a tanning addiction. Does your teen love to tan? Does he spend hours in the sun? Does she go to a tanning salon a little too often?

Tanorexia: 12 Most Extreme Cases - The Huffington Post

Tanning mom Pamela Krentcil is shining a spotlight on "tanorexia," but there are other people who are just a little too tan themselves.

Tanorexia: Are You Obsessed With Your Tan? | The Dr. Oz Show

Tanorexia: Are You Obsessed With Your Tan? Tanorexia is not just a cultural word; it's a growing concern for people of all ages.

Tanorexia Mom takes 5 year old to tanning booth - ABC News

The New Jersey woman who has denied charges she allowed her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth has gained national attention for her own increasingly copper ...

Talk:Tanorexia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Talk:Tanorexia. I use sunbeds 3 times a week for appx 30 mins in total which is the equivalent of 9 - 12 hours sunlight. I believe the annual accepted ...

What You Need to Know About Tanorexia | Shape Magazine

If last week's media firestorm about the "tanning mom" and her daughter did any good, it's that it brought to light a serious condition: tanorexia.

Urban Dictionary: tanorexic

Hence, the term tanorexic. Christina Aguilera was a full-blown tanorexic; Lindsay Lohan is borderline tanorexic. ... When someone suffers from tanorexia, ...