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  2. Neuheisel was the coach that offered Justin Combs a scholarship to UCLA.

  3. Despite being fired in May, Art Briles attended Baylor’s recent game with Rice. There has been rampant speculation that former Baylor coach Art Briles would be back on a collegiate sideline sooner rather than later and former UCLA coach turned broadcaster Rick Neuheisel thinks Briles return could be next year. Auburn is in a tough place right now.

  4. Those who follow college football are probably no stranger to former coach Rick Neuheisel’s musical exploits, and on Wednesday, he decided to write a song about USC interim coach Ed Orgeron. And it is spectacular. Neuheisel, in his best Jamaican … Continue reading →

  5. Need proof that college football season is about to start? Rick Neuheisel has a new song.

  6. In case you weren't aware, Rick Neuheisel has some musical gifts that belie his career in sports. The former football coach at Colorado, Washington and UCLA has a penchant for pairing his own - often gridiron-related - lyrics to well known tunes for the crew of The Dan Patrick Show during his call-in appearances. There was his heartfelt ode to Johnny Manziel in the style of "El Paso" as well as ...

  7. Rick Neuheisel watched his son lead UCLA to a comeback win over Texas.

  8. Every great story needs a country song, and we've now got one about Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M's loss to Alabama courtesy of former Colorado and UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel. Neuheisel broke out the guitar on the Dan Patrick show … Continue reading →

  9. Here's the best thing you'll see all day, at least until the BCS Championship Game. And if the game's a stinker, this may still be the best thing you'll see all day. Rick Neuheisel, the former UCLA and Colorado coach … Continue reading →

  10. No. 23 Mississippi, No. 25 Oklahoma and Notre Dame have dropped two of their first three games after each was ranked 11th or higher in the preseason Top 25 . ''If we start focusing on what happened in the last three weeks, we're probably going to hit a pretty big wall here in the next nine games,'' Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey said. CBS Sports analyst Rick Neuheisel knows how ...

  11. Neuheisel's latest song is not about college football.

  12. Rick Neuheisel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Richard Gerald "Rick" Neuheisel, Jr. (/ ˈ n uː h aɪ z əl /; born February 7, 1961) is an American football analyst, former coach, former player, and attorney.

  13. Rick Neuheisel says Jim Harbaugh slapped his hand during the ...

    Rick Neuheisel says Jim Harbaugh slapped his hand during the most awkward handshake ever NCAAF

  14. Rick Neuheisel reacts as he watches his son lead UCLA past ...

    Rick Neuheisel experienced every parent's dream/potential nightmare Saturday night when his son, Jerry, was forced into UCLA's game against Texas after a first ...

  15. Rick Neuheisel ‏ @CoachNeuheisel 15 ...

  16. CBS hires Rick Neuheisel away from Pac-12 Network | FOX Sports

    NEW YORK (AP) CBS has hired former UCLA coach and Pac-12 Network analyst Rick Neuheisel to be a studio analyst on its Saturday college football pregame show.

  17. Former UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel says P. Diddy didn't know him

    Former UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel recruited Justin Combs to the Bruins and said Combs' father, P. Diddy, had no idea who Neuheisel was when Diddy and Combs came to ...

  18. Rick Neuheisel proudly watched his son lead UCLA to a win ...

    Neuheisel’s father Rick, who was formerly the Bruins’ coach and is now an analyst for the Pac-12 Network, looked proudly on as the Bruins lifted his son up on ...

  19. Rick Neuheisel | Pac-12

    About Rick Neuheisel Pac-12 Networks Football Studio Analyst. Rick Neuheisel was one of the first on-air personalities named to the Pac-12 Networks roster in May 2012.

  20. Rick Neuheisel, ex-UCLA coach, blossoms in different medium

    Former UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel is no longer roaming the sidelines, but he appears right at home in front of a television camera.

  21. Rick Neuheisel recalls recruiting Justin Combs to UCLA

    On his SiriusXM radio show, Neuheisel, the former UCLA head coach, talked about the recruiting process of Combs, the son of hip hop mogul Diddy.