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    Ernst Christof Friedrich Zündel (German: [ˈtsʏndl̩]; April 24, 1939 – August 5, 2017) was a German publisher and pamphleteer known for promoting Holocaust denial.

  3. Ernst Zündel

    Ernst Zündel

  4. Ernst Zündel still languishes in a Canadian jail, in solitary confinement, denied of many of the basic privileges most prisoners, even actual criminals, take for granted.

  5. Real History and Ernst Zündel - David Irving

    Ernst Zündel, a towering figure in the worldwide Holocaust revisionist movement, was born in 1939 in a small town in the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany. He emigrated to Canada at the age of 19, where he soon married and became the father of two sons.

  6. Ernst Christof Friedrich Zündel (born April 24, 1939) is a German publisher known for promoting Holocaust denial. He has been jailed several times: in Canada for ...

  7. Ernst Zündel - RationalWikiündelCached

    Ernst "I am the Gandhi of the Right" Zündel (1939-2017) was a Nazi, famous for his diesel punk fan-fiction [No, not The Onion] and for appearing in Manufacturing Consent (1992), a documentary in which Noam Chomsky defended Zündel during his "false news" trial.

  8. A Homage to Ernst Zündel - Renegade Tribune

    Ernst Zündel, in Toronto in the 1980s, displaying before Robert Faurisson, Fred Leuchter, Robert Miller and Ditlieb Felderer the building plans of the five Auschwitz and Birkenau crematoria, discovered by R. Faurisson in Poland on March 19, 1976.

  9. Ernst Zündel, Holocaust Denier Tried for Spreading His ...

    Ernst Zündel, who from a ramshackle Victorian house in central Toronto churned out books, posters, audiotapes and memorabilia denying the Holocaust and spreading neo-Nazi messages worldwide, died ...

  10. Ernst Zundel | Southern Poverty Law Center

    Ernst Zundel was born in Germany and moved to Canada in 1958. In the late 1970s, he began running Samisdat Publishing, one of the largest distributors of neo-Nazi and Holocaust denial literature in the world.

  11. Ernst Zündel: Unbowed - YouTube

    A personal Telling Films tribute by Lady Michèle Renouf to German-Canadian artist, publisher and dedicated campaigner for historical truth Ernst Zündel, born 23rd April 1939, died 5th August ...