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  2. Typhoon - Wikipedia

    A typhoon is a mature tropical cyclone that develops between 180° and 100°E in the Northern Hemisphere. This region is referred to as the Northwestern Pacific Basin ...

  3. Typhoon - The Weather Channel

    Typhoon coverage on encompasses all typhoon weather angles

  4. Typhoon | Definition of Typhoon by Merriam-Webster

    Define typhoon: a hurricane occurring especially in the region of the Philippines or the China sea; whirlwind — typhoon in a sentence

  5. Typhoon | Define Typhoon at

    Typhoon definition, a tropical cyclone or hurricane of the western Pacific area and the China seas. See more.

  6. Hurricanes and typhoons are the same weather phenomenon: tropical cyclones. A tropical cyclone is a generic term used by meteorologists to describe a rotating ...

  7. West Pacific Basin Typhoon & Tropical Storm Center ...'s Hurricane Center offers everything you need for tracking hurricane season 2017. Download tracking maps, research hurricane facts, and keep up with ...

  8. Hurricane vs Typhoon - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

    What's the difference between Hurricane and Typhoon? A cyclone is any mass of air that spirals around a low pressure center. It is an organized collection of ...

  9. Super Typhoon Meranti targets Taiwan, mainland China - CNN

    Story highlights. Super Typhoon Meranti is passing the southern tip of Taiwan; It's the strongest typhoon since Haiyan devastated the Philippines in 2013

  10. Typhoon batters Taiwan, barrels into mainland China - CNN

    Typhoon Meranti has struck China's mainland after pounding Taiwan, making landfall early on Thursday near Xiamen in Fujian Province, according to CNN ...

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