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    2. Zionism - Wikipedia

      Theodor Herzl is considered the founder of the Modern Zionist movement. In his 1896 book Der Judenstaat, he envisioned the founding of a future independent ...

    3. Zi·on·ism (zī′ə-nĭz′əm) n. A political movement that supports the maintenance and preservation of the state of Israel as a Jewish homeland, originally ...

    4. Zionist | Define Zionist at

      Zionist definition, a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel. See more.

    5. Zionist murderers, Zionist prostitutes, Zionist crooks ...

      Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with biographies, statistics, articles and documents on topics from anti-Semitism to Zionism.

    6. Who are Zionists? - Zionism & Israel

      The real truth about Zionists: Who are Zionists and what Zionists believe.

    7. History of Zionism - Wikipedia

      Since the creation of Israel, the importance of the Zionist movement as an organization has declined, as the Israeli state has grown stronger.

    8. What is Zionism? | True Torah Jews

      What is Zionism? Zionism is a ... Yet the essence of the Zionist idea - that Jews should return to the Holy Land and establish a government - is not inherently ...

    9. Urban Dictionary: Zionist

      Zionist is anybody of Modern Jewry from the late 1880 to Present who believe that Jewish people whether religious or not should have their own land.

    10. Zionism, Jewish nationalist movement that has had as its goal the creation and support of a Jewish national state in Palestine, the ancient homeland of the Jews ...

    11. Judaism is not Zionism - NKUSA

      Thus they conclude that the entire Jewish people is responsible for the actions of the Zionist government and the world crises which emanates from it.