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  2. Flags of the Confederate States of America - Wikipedia

    Three successive designs served as the official national flag of the Confederate States of America (the "Confederate States" or the "Confederacy") during its existence from 1861 to 1865.

  3. Confederate Flag History - American Civil War

    There were several flags of the Confederate States of America used during its existence from 1861 to 1865. Since the end of the American Civil War, personal and official use of Confederate flags, and of flags derived from these, has continued under some controversy.

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  5. We know it from the Dukes of Hazzard car, but the Confederate battle flag has a bitter history Supporters of Donald Trump have sparked outrage by waving the symbol, which has been banned by Amazon ...

  6. Confederate battle flag: What it is and what it isn't - CNN

    The racist massacre in a South Carolina church has tipped the balance in a decades-old tug of war over the meaning of the Confederate battle flag.

  7. Modern display of the Confederate flag - Wikipedia

    The display of flags used by and associated with the Confederate States of America (1861–1865) has continued, with a long interruption, into the present day, with the "Southern cross" used in the battle flag of General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia gaining the most popular recognition as a modern symbol of the Confederacy, and by extension, the Southern United States in general.

  8. confederate flag

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  9. Confederate States of America Flags - Gadsden and Culpeper

    In 2015, American Heritage was censored. Confederate flag have been banned from Amazon, Google, Facebook, Ebay, and more.

  10. Student disciplined for Confederate Flag sweatshirt

    A Montana high school student has been disciplined for continuing to wear a Confederate flag sweatshirt after administrators requested that he stop wearing it. Mitchell Ballas was suspended ...

  11. Which Is the Real Confederate Flag? - The New York Times

    Some Confederate flag proposals were racially explicit and devalued the color black. In one example, the white bar and stars illustrated the control of whites over other races and their increasing ...