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    According to Jewish tradition, Jacob was the father of the tribes of Israel.

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    The adjectival use of Jew, as in the phrase Jew boy, is now perceived as insulting; the adjective Jewish should be used instead. The verb jew (down) is also perceived as offensive, because it perpetuates the stereotype of the shrewd Jewish moneylender or haggler.

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    History and Etymology for Jew. Middle English, from Anglo-French ju, jeu, from Latin Judaeus, from Greek Ioudaios, from Hebrew Yĕhūdhī, from Yĕhūdhāh Judah, Jewish kingdom

  5. Jew (jo͞o) n. 1. An adherent of Judaism as a religion or culture. 2. A member of the widely dispersed people originally descended from the ancient Hebrews and sharing an ...

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    Jew: Jew, any person whose religion is Judaism. In a broader sense of the term, a Jew is any person belonging to the worldwide group that constitutes, through descent or conversion, a continuation of the ancient Jewish people, who were themselves descendants of the Hebrews of the Bible (Old Testament).

  7. The most comprehensive and easiest to use website dedicated to both current and historical Jewish news, organizations, goals and related information.

  8. The definition of a Jew is a person who belongs to a religion called Judaism and who generally traces his or her ancestry back to the ancient Hebrew people of Israel.

  9. A Jew is a person who is of Jewish heritage or who has converted to the Jewish religion.Jews typically consider themselves as a people and not only as adherents of a religion, therefore a Jew is not only one that practices the religion of Judaism, but it is also one who is of Jewish ethnic heritage.

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    A person that is very tight with money and the also steals alot. The Jew-Jew can be defined by It's hooked nose and very big eyes, also used to take the piss out of a certain friend who has the Star of David always inked on his arm and a slightly Jewish nose.

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    Traditional interpretation and variations. The definition of who is a Jew varies according to whether it is being considered by Jews on the basis of religious law and tradition or self-identification, or by non-Jews for other reasons, sometimes for prejudicial purposes.