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  2. Kurds - Wikipedia

    Kurdish (Kurdish: Kurdî or کوردی) is a collection of related dialects spoken by the Kurds. It is mainly spoken in those parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey ...

  3. Who are the Kurds? - BBC News

    Kurds make up the Middle East's fourth-largest ethnic group, but they have never obtained statehood.

  4. The Kurdish language and traditional way of life. The Kurdish language is a West Iranian language related to Persian and Pashto. The Kurds are thought to number from ...

  5. Kurdish is an Indo-Iranian language spoken in Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Syria, and a number of other countries, by about 20-30 million people.

  6. Define Kurdish. Kurdish synonyms, Kurdish pronunciation, Kurdish translation, English dictionary definition of Kurdish. adj. Of or relating to the Kurds or their ...

  7. The Kurdish Project is a resource dedicated to raising awareness about the Kurds & Kurdistan. Read the latest Kurdish News & learn about Kurdish Culture.

  8. Kurds vote overwhelmingly for independence from Iraq - CNN

    Iraqi Kurds have voted in favor of declaring independence from Iraq in a disputed referendum that could have wide-ranging implications for the Middle East.

  9. History of the Kurds - Wikipedia

    The Kurds (Kurdish: کورد, Kurd), also the Kurdish people (Kurdish: گەلی کورد, Gelê Kurd), are a Northwestern Iranic ethnic group in the Middle East.

  10. Who Are the Kurds?

    A Washington Post report with background information about the Kurds.

  11. Kurds | World | The Guardian

    Former soldier Joe Robinson was arrested while on holiday in July after spending a month in Syria with Kurdish militia in 2015

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